NAME: David D. Robertson

NEIGHBORHOOD: Grand Crossing Community

FRESH WORK / PROJECT (and how it all began):

HOPE IS US— Is an altruistic movement I started almost 7 years ago because I dealt with hopelessness. I felt abandoned, miss understood due to life and its unfortunate moments of DIS-ease. I began looking up quotes, articles, content that revolved around “HOPE” over the course of these years these words of positivity, light, divinity began to germinate. Words are things. The seeds of Hope that I had sown over the years took root and now I can see the fruits. Hopeisus really simply means HELPING LOVING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.


Lets break down the 3 words connected into a quick acronym “H.I….U.” I realized that a simply “HI” to a stranger, or to a friend or via text could literally shift a person from being in their world that may possible have them in the hurricane of hopelessness. Imagine—you’re walking down the street and some random person says “HI” it throws you off….and then you ask what? And they say it again, “H.I.—-Hope is…..” again you’re thinking who are they talking to….and lastly they say “H.I. U—-HOPE IS…US” Those 3 words, 3 letters have the power to shift someone from their dark depressed thinking to—-wow….HOPE IS… The movement is taking shape in regards to community and personal activation summer 2016— powered by the sales of the “Hope is” Merchandise we vend to support the movement of sharing positivity in urban communities and spaces.


Sunday, I was checking out at Treasure Island in the Hyde park community, the young lady (cashier) seemed disturbed-hopeless. I pull up my sleeve to show her my H.<3.P.E tattoo and she says WOW that’s an amazing tattoo— I read each one slowly and said the H is for Helping the Heart is for Loving the P is for People and the E for Everywhere. Helping Loving People Everywhere. She looked stunned and said I needed that—-I needed that H<3PE. This reminded me again why it is so important to engage people—but just not to engage them, but engage them with a gift that keeps on giving—the gift and the seed of hope. Walking away, I said LOUDLY,” KEEP HOPE ALIVE—she and now a colleague of her yells back—YES KEEP HOPE ALIVE”


And, of course, a good brunch:

I really like The Spoke & Bird in the South Loop. Great breakfast food-Egg Sandwich, mushrooms, homemade potatoes and their spicy homemade ketchup and if Im feeling groovy add a PBR in for a quick drink refresher.

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