NAME: Eric Williams


FAVORITE BRUNCH SPOT: It’s a tie between Catalpa Kitchen and Capri Ristorante Italiano It depends if I’m up north of or on the south side over the weekend.

CURRENT PROJECT: The Silver Room Block Party. This year the theme is ‘Freedom, Love, Joy & Peace. It’s a mantra that resonates now more than ever. We’re having it in our new neighborhood, Hyde Park after 12 years of it being on the north side. To say, I’m excited is an understatement. A lot of hard work goes into planning it and making it all come together. The amount of love and support we receive is a huge part of bringing the block party back this year. This is the first time that local businesses have really stepped up to join our collective efforts to make this the best block party ever.

GOOD NEWS: Fresh Pressed! It’s a great idea and we need more things like this in the community. Positive stuff is happening and getting people to talk about it helps us to see the progress we’re making more often.